Meredith & Polak offers the complex package of advisory services - from the analysis of the financial feasibility of investment, up to supervision of management and maintenance of the projects. The company dispose well qualified engineers with licence in all branches construction, mechanical, electric and geotechnics. The company offers the indispensable supplies of professional knowledge and experience in all phaze of each project.



  • The complex management of the projects;
  • Consultant in the range of preparation and the execution of projects (the activity directed both to the investor, and organizations funding the project);
  • Building supervision;
  • The supplementary investor;
  • Control and the monitoring of costs;
  • Advising in the range of the formal service of investment (procedures, permissions, tenders);
  • The technical and official evaluation of projects;
  • The costing - draft and the analysis of the risk;
  • The technical control of objects;
  • Designing.